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Attenborough Praises Rubbish Pie

Attenborough Praises Rubbish PieRubbish tip provides energy and wildlife haven and inspires innovative design.

Earlier this week at Thurrock Thameside Nature Park, Cory Environmental Centre was official opened by David Attenborough. The design of the centre has been innovatively integrated into the ethos of the whole nature reserve which has been created atop a rubbish tip. The transformation was carried out by the wildlife trust and the landfill company Cory Environmental. First the rubbish had to be compacted. Then a thick layer of clay, known as a pie-crust, was placed over this vast sea of waste. This has since been covered in soil on which grass, bushes and wildlife have established themselves. Due to its coastal location the centre provides a perfect vantage point not only for ship watching but for ship spotting too.

The ingenuity central to the development of the reserve is that it provides a public leisure space which celebrates the natural world, whilst also being pragmatically engineered to bring functional benefits to the ecosystem: the methane created by the rotting foodstuffs under the pie-crust is collected and burned to drive 15 turbines that will provide enough electricity to power 100,000 homes for the next 30 years. The Nature Centre itself has been built on jacks, which can be adjusted to offset the inevitable subsidence that will occur as the mass of the pie filling deteriorates. The architects, Van Haynegen and Haywardhave won three awards RICS East of England ceremony and have this week been shortlisted for the RIBA East of England Awards.

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Watch video of David Attenborough talking about Cory Environmental Centre at Thurrock Thameside Nature Park here

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